Year 5

Year 5


Through creative and fun experiences in our curriculum, our Year 5 children are able to learn in a context that creates awe and wonder, whilst inspiring and motivating children to expand their knowledge, skills and understanding independently.

Regular school trips (when more venues are permitting) and themed days are part of our curriculum to further enhance the children’s learning. In Year 5, children’s mastery skills are put to the challenge as they consolidate previous learning and attempt to solve more sophisticated tasks which strengthen this learning. By doing so, our children build deeper knowledge and the ability to make connections in their learning.

As our children progress through Year 5, we prepare them for the ‘big’ step up to their final year of primary school in Year 6. High expectations of behaviour from the teachers and the developing use of independence and resilience in Year 5 are key to the children’s progression in maturity. Children are encouraged to be methodical in their learning and analytical of their own and other’s learning. As children learn in the varied contexts during Year 5, they will hopefully flourish and gain confidence to become better collaborators, experts, innovators, makers, organisers, effective communicators, critical thinkers and evaluators.

They will gain further understanding of difference in perspective, diversity and culture. Year 5 pupils are expected to show their growing skills and maturity through the year, culminating in leading roles being designated such as house captains, sports captains and other Year 6 jobs of responsibility. We want to grow independence and a love of learning. In Year 5, as throughout QDPS, we aim to provide the children an outstanding start to lifelong learning that will stand tall in their years to come.

PE /Sport

Year 5 is an exciting time for sport as children have more opportunities to be part of the many team events and competitions that are available to upper key stage 2 children. Children need their PE kits for regular PE lessons: yellow t shirt, blue shorts, trainers. If your child is participating in a club it is advisable that they bring a separate kit so that the PE kit can remain clean and in school ready for use. Please name all clothing brought into school so it is easier when returning any lost items.

Homework Expectations

Children receive weekly homework which will be set on Seesaw. Sometimes homework will be also set on Purple Mash, Spelling Shed or MyMaths. Homework is given out on Thursday and is due in the following Thursday. In addition to this, children are expected to read for 15 minutes per night and a short spelling homework is given out each week and the children will be tested on a Friday. Year 5 children should still be encouraged to read aloud during the week as well as reading independently.

We look forward to working together with you to ensure your child has an enjoyable and successful time in Year 5. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us in school.


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