Hello, welcome to Reception and classes 1 and 2! We are very excited that your child is here with us at Queen’s Drive and starting their primary school journey.

The Early Years curriculum is based on inspiring young minds through vibrant, fun filled topics that stimulate the imagination and the curiosity of our youngest learners. Topics are real life and learning is often driven by the children’s interests and learning needs. This often promotes many interesting questions about the evolving world around them that suddenly becomes a reality!

The classrooms are colourful, lively and well -resourced and learning is lead through carefully crafted and specific play skills, supported by the 2 teachers and 2 teaching assistants.

Each child embarks on an individual journey throughout their time in Reception and it is wonderful to see how young children develop their personality, academia and confidence by accessing the personalised curriculum that we offer.

The relationship between home and school is a crucial aspect of your child’s educational journey and so we send many letters and text messages to keep you fully informed. We also regularly send personalised learning packs so you can support your child with the same targeted learning. We also fully appreciate your support with weekly reading books!

We believe in developing the individual child and so this involves supporting their strengths and nurturing all other aspects so that the children leave the Early Years a confident, independent learner well equipped for the next challenges in year 1.

We welcome all forms of communication as we fully appreciate how busy your days are with little people and so we can be contacted via email, if you miss us at the start and end of the day.

Also if you need more information about our Early Years Curriculum please look at our jigsaw below. If you require  more comprehensive documentation then there is also a link to  the Early Years Curriculum –


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